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Engaged Like a Boss CHALLENGE

Are You Ready to Begin Taking Steps to Have an Engaged Instagram FULL of Authentic Followers who are just dying to connect with you?

Do you post an image and hear crickets?
Do you blame the Instagram algorithm?
Are you hoping to build a community of engaged followers who want to buy from you?

THIS MINI-COURSE is exactly what you need!

Engaged Like a Boss will help you begin to improve your overall engagement (in regards to likes, comments and followers) so you can begin sharing your links to your courses, services or freebies with all of your newly engaged followers.

What’s Included:

With the Engaged Like a Boss Mini-Course you get 5 modules FULL of information like optimizing your Instagram Bio (this is super important), and how to choose the best hashtags, and my tried and tested method to engaging on your Instagram account (this is the strategy I use with all of my clients).

By the end, I help you put it all together so that you can begin using the strategy immediately!

I have personally used all of these strategies before, for myself and for clients.

I want to share my expertise so you don't have to waste your time and money with apps that don't work (and Instagram doesn't like) or buying Instagram followers which will end up causing you major problems down the road.

Having a simple and proven engagement strategy is best!

You will finish this mini-course and feel prepared and confident in the best strategies Instagram account engagement. You'll know the exact steps you need to take to beef up your engagement and improve the impact you have on your followers.

(The algorithm IS NOT your enemy!)


Let's Ask Previous Students...

After Going Through the Course

"I have to say thank you! I bought your IG engagement course and had my VA go through it and we’ve both been using the system and my engagement is through the roof!"

- Cara Harvey, Productivity Expert


"Before using Jillian's unique Instagram engagement strategies, I was floundering. I would go onto Instagram and it felt like I was throwing all the strategies out there hoping it would work. The Engage like a Boss Challenge changed everything!

I finally found clarity on the exact things I needed to move my account forward. But it was more than the likes and vanity metrics. With daily 15-minute sprints, I’m gaining engaging followers who are actually interested in what I’m talking about.

The Engage like a Boss Challenge is a gamechanger!"

- Alesia Galati @alesia.galati / @twosisterscult


"I just had to share that I did your 15 minute sprint yesterday for the first time. I went into one of the accounts I found on one of the hashtags currently in my list and did the strategy things and woke up to comments like these...

Comments from Instagram’re a wizard and your shit works!"

- Meaghan Lamm, The Feminist OBM



  • 5 Modules + a New one coming soon!
    • Mod 1: Optimize Your Bio
    • Mod 2: The Art of the Hashtag
    • Mod 3: How to Engage within Hashtags
    • Mod 4: Effectively Engage with Followers
    • Mod 5: The 15-min Sprint + Engaged Like a Boss Hour

Let's Do This!

7 Modules

Engaged Like a BOSS Mini-Course Expectations

Ready for the challenge? First things first... Let's set some expectations!

Day 1: Optimize Your Bio

Welcome to Day 1, !

First thing we're going to do is learn how to BEST optimize your bio.

Day 2: The Art of the Hashtag

There's so much back and forth about hashtags on Instagram... Should you use them or drop them? This module will help you work through the back and forth!

Day 3: How to Engage within Hashtags

Now that you've identified some targeted hashtags, it's time to learn how to effectively engage within the hashtags. Learn more in this module!

Day 4: Effectively Engage with Followers

You've made it through your first big engagement process, next up is engaging with followers.

Are you ready?? (Please, say yes, !) 😆😆

Day 5: The 15-min Sprint + The Engaged Like a Boss Hour

Ready to take everything we've learned all week and package it with a pretty little bow?? Let's go!

How to Use Instagram Insights

Are you ready to finally understand Instagram Insights and how to use them for your business? Awesome! Let's dive in!

Modules for this product 7
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