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The Engaged Like a Boss Challenge is a FREE 5-day challenge where I take you behind the scenes of my Engaged Like a Boss Hour (A paid service I offer).

I'm going to show you exactly what I do on each client's accounts to beef up their engagement and improve the impact they have on their followers.

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Engaged Like a BOSS Challenge Expectations

1 Lessons

Ready for the challenge? First things first... Let's set some expectations!

Day 1: Optimize Your Bio

1 Lessons

Welcome to Day 1, !

First thing we're going to do is learn how to BEST optimize your bio.

Day 2: The Art of the Hashtag

1 Lessons

Have you ever wondered how to find the RIGHT hashtag? Today's module will help with that.

Day 3: How to Engage within Hashtags

1 Lessons

Learn how to effectively engage within the hashtags you've identified in Module 2.

Day 4: Effectively Engage with Followers

1 Lessons

You've made it through your first big engagement process, next up is engaging with followers.

Are you ready?? (Please, say yes, !) 😆😆

Day 5: The 15-min Sprint + The Engaged Like a Boss Hour

2 Lessons

Ready to take everything we've learned all week and add a pretty little bow?? Then let's go!

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